What Clients Say :

  • I received all of our keepsakes. They are absolutely beautiful.  Thanks again,  Lori 11-21-2019

  • I wanted to thank you again. I truly appreciate your generosity during my difficult time. I am very thankful for your work and look forward to getting these treasures to serve as another memory of my little girl.
    Amber 12-6-2019

  • I received my four pendants today and they are beautiful. I plan to give one to each of my sisters as part of their Christmas gift.  Luwan 11-30-2019

  • The rosary package arrived today. They are lovely!
    Thank you very much!
    Lori 6-26-2019

  • Just wanted to let you know I received the final snowflake ornament on Thursday - thank you very much :) 
    All the ornaments came out very nicely and are such a sentimental and sweet reminder of our mom. 
    Hope you and your family have a good summer - 
    All the best, 
    Lynn 6-29-2019

  • Thank you so much for your hard work! My daughter loved the pendant you made for her from her flowers. Great job and thanks again! 
    Diana 7-1-2019

  • I just received my order thank you so much everything is beautiful what a wonderful job I will recommend you to everyone again thank you. Jaclyn 7-11-2019

  • I just received my necklace today, and I absolutely love it. Thank you for your services. Barbara 7-18-2019

  • Thank you for the beautiful keepsakes from our daughter's funeral flower.  And you sent lots of extra goodies too!  I didn't think we would be able to make so many!  They will forever be so special to us. I will be sure to tell my friends of your wonderful service. Adrienne 7-29-2019

  • Hello, I just received my package and I just want to thank you so much the ornaments are beautiful. And I was so touched by the necklace pendant. I was a bit sad after ordering an ornament for my mom and grandfather and wished I had ordered myself something. You moved me to tears. 

    Thank you!!
    Courtney 8-29-2019

  • My Christmas presents arrived today. They are beautiful! I have no idea how you do that or how you made that many out of the flowers I sent!!!
    Anyway, thank you so much- I'm sure my family will appreciate them.
    Kathy 8-29-2019

  • Received our beautiful rosaries the other day! Thank you so much for working with us!!!! Megan 9-20-2019

  • Just a quick “Thank you” the rosary was loved by our friend! And the pendant that was sent as an extra was a wonderful surprise.  Will be sure to tell people about the great service you provide and the heirlooms that you make.

    Lynne 11-12-2019

  • Good Morning,
    I just received my frame and it looks great!
    Megan 12-6-2019

  • Hi. I just wanted to say that I received my items and love them!! They came out so beautiful, the cross especially. I also appreciate the small pendant piece that you put in as well.  Thank you so much. 

    Briana 12-12-2019

  • Hello! I received our ornaments and the necklace charm. I cannot thank you enough! 

    This made me cry both happy and sad tears. I cannot think of a better way to remember my father. We lost our mother 17 years ago and I’m so sad we didn’t get to do this with her flowers. They are buried together so we look at these flowers as both of theirs. 
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart
    Jill 1-30-2020

  • Thank you all so much!  I loved how they turned out.  They’re beautiful!! Chelsea 1-31-2020

  • I received them today. They are very beautiful. Thank you for such great work. Thank you,

    Samantha 2-10-2020

  • The rosaries are beautiful - thank you so much. Kimberly 2-14-2020

  • Hi Tiffany!  My candles arrived today and they are perfect. Thank you so much.  Also thank you for the sweet pendant.  That was so kind to make that.  What a treasure.  I really appreciate you and your team and all you do. Thank you so much.

    Have a great weekend!
    Kaaren 2-21-2020

  • I just want to thank you for my beautiful keepsakes!
    I got them today and I love them! They mean so much to me and I cant thank you enough for the beautiful pendant. I wish I would have known about you and your work when I got married.
    Thank you again and if you would like to post photos of these pieces please feel free to do so.
    Thank you again!
    Nichole 3-6-2020

  • I received my rosary and wanted to thank you!  It is beautiful, I love it! Thanks again!  Love my rosary!!!! Kathleen 3-8-2020


TOTAL ORDERS OVER $250.00, Receive 5% Discount, 10% off $500.00 and 15% off $1000.00 orders!!

In light of the current COVID-19 virus we’d like to assure you that we are still open and accepting flowers. We understand this may cause financial hardship for some of you. However we also know how much these keepsake mean to you. Please know that we will work with you the best that we can when it comes time to make your payment if needed. Remember, we are all in this together❤️.

Floral Preservation Services by Forever In Time

Hand-crafted keepsakes made from YOUR flowers or keepsakes!!!

Your flowers CAN be preserved!!!
Choose from jewelry pieces, rosaries, paperweights, photo frames, candles,
ornaments, glass displays and more.  All handcrafted from YOUR flowers.
Turn your keepsakes into a family heirloom and keep your
 memories alive…everyday…“Forever In Time”
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Why choose Forever In Time?

We are very dedicated and proud of what we do. You will have our personal attention to your flowers,
creating keepsakes that you will enjoy for years to come.
We’re not a big business.  My daughter Celeste starts the process, receiving the flowers.  She takes photos and documents them.  She also loads and unloads the freeze-dryer.  My daughter Tiffany does all the communication.  She is in contact with our customers helping with the final order, also doing the invoicing.   And then I create all the keepsakes.  Both daughters do everything with marketing and social media.  They also help making items if needed.  I truly couldn’t do this without them.  We all work together, making it as easy as possible for you, keeping it affordable. I can’t express how I feel when I create a piece, knowing you will cherish it for many years to come. We look forward to working with you!!

~ Tammy Harris  (Owner)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Floral Preservation

There are different ways to preserve flowers. Most people have probably taken a flower and let it dry naturally. Then I’m sure it’s not lasted any length of time without crumbling and falling apart. With the price of flowers, and also the sentimental importance of your flowers, be sure to have them preserved professionally.  We use freeze-drying, preserving your flowers by freezing them, and removing all the moisture.  The completed flower will last for years to come.  Depending on the flower, it does take 2-3 weeks. Open flowers such as lilies or daisies take less time, more dense flowers like roses or carnations take more time.  They do shrink in size, color can change a bit, but they are still YOUR flowers.  The fresher the flower, the better they will preserve. Once your flowers are preserved they need to be enclosed in something to protect them, therefore we do NOT send back unused flowers as we do not charge for the preservation itself.

Jewelry made from flowers

When I started my business in 2004, I mainly did shadowboxes and displays. But in 2010, I added floral jewelry. First I preserve your flowers. Then I take your preserved flowers and create custom floral jewelry. There are so many choices of styles, it’s up to you. They are just fun with all the different colors and styles. But then, when these pieces are made from your keepsake flowers, they are even more special. Imagine, wedding flowers, memorial flowers, bringing home baby, anniversary, the ideas are endless. The jewelry is made from a special grade acrylic. Each piece is unique. Think of it with either flowers from your bridal bouquet, making a piece for yourself, your mother, mother-in-law, attendants, what a beautiful keepsake. The same with memorial flowers. To wear a piece that is made from those special flowers. I’ve even had brides have me make extra pieces, hoping they will have a daughter some day, to give it too. I always think how special it would be to be able to pass down a custom made floral jewelry piece to your children and grandchildren. Please be sure to keep checking back, I’m always coming up with new styles.


This is a keepsake that will become a family heirloom.  With each bead, you will see the pieces of petals, and the different colors.  What a precious way to display your flowers.  You will choose the cross and center medal.  Each bead is hand wired, making a beautiful keepsake.

Embedments or Paperweights made from flowers

Embedments or paperweights are made of a solid acrylic. Placing of a flower or other items inside, or embedding, creating a custom embedment for you to enjoy. With floral embedments or paperweights, the flowers are first preserved. Then depending on the size of the flower or flowers, you will be given the choice of the shape and size of the embedment you would like. This is another way to safely display your preserved keepsake flower or flowers. As stated, with preserved flowers, they must be placed into something, to keep them out of the elements in your home. Humidity, dust, heat and cold, are all harmful to the preserved flowers. With embedments or paperweights, they will last for many years. We add a wood base to the paperweights, making a beautiful display. This part of my business I also added in 2010, still coming up with more and more shapes and sizes. If there is something you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m more than willing to do something new.

Candles and Votives made from flowers

 These are candles that you don’t burn.  They are actually a shell candle that is hollow inside.  You simply place a flicker candle inside, and as it’s  illuminated , your flowers are seen in a warm glow.  Because you don’t actually burn the candle, it can last forever.  We also made votives from acrylic, with a flicker candle inside.  Made from petals and pieces, this is a very unique way to display and keep your flowers.

Photo frames made from flowers

This is one of my favorite keepsakes.  I love the idea of your wedding phone, inside a photo frame made from your wedding flowers.  This is a beautiful and unique way to display your special flowers, from any occasion.  We offer four different sizes, they can be displayed either vertically or horizontally.  They can not be hung, they are too fragile, we can’t drill a holder into the back.  We recommend using a decorative easel to hold the frame.


Glass Displays

Your preserved flowers need to be placed into something. We have different size and shaped glass displays.   Obviously, size of the flowers will determine the choices you will have for a display. Because options of what is available changes, we can’t list and price everything.   We will work together, creating a beautiful display for your preserved flowers.  As for price,  you will know exactly the cost before we start creating your custom display.  No surprises.


What will you do with your flowers?

 Now you’ll need to make some decisions.  Are you going to choose paperweights, photo frames, rosaries, or jewelry.  None of this needs to be decided right now.  The main thing is to get the flowers and to get them preserved.  Because it takes awhile for them to preserve, you have plenty of time to decide what you want.   Don’t pass up the opportunity, you only have once chance to have them preserved.  Prices vary from $10.00 to $400.00 total.  So there is something in YOUR budget.   Your flowers have a special meaning to you, why not keep them and enjoy them, “Forever In Time”.

Wedding Flowers

You’ve planned your wedding since you were a little girl.  If you are going to toss your bouquet…toss it my way!!
  I can do a glass display with your bouquet, or a few flowers for an embedment, or individual flowers for jewelry pieces.  Photo frames are a wonderful way to display your flowers.  Imagine, your wedding photo in a frame, made from your flowers.
I love the option of the jewelry pieces.  It is so easy.  You simply send in a few flowers, think of the colors.  You want to send at least one flower of each color.  Then you pick the style you like, and I make you a pendant.  Then imagine wearing your pendant, having someone ask what it is…to tell them it’s actual flowers from you wedding bouquet.   It’s such a perfect gift for the Mother of the Bride, or Mother of the Groom, your Maid of Honor, your attendants….everyone will love it.    I even have brides have me make extra pieces, for when they have children.  Think of the daughter you have someday….and you have her wear a pendant made from YOUR wedding bouquet at her wedding…as “something old”.  It gives me goosebumps just thinking of it.  Again, please don’t pass up the opportunity to have your bridal bouquet preserved and turned into a special keepsake.  There are so many things to choose from.

Funeral Flowers or Memorial Flowers

This part of my business means so much to me.  When I started my business in 2004, part of the reason was because I had lost my father, and I wanted to keep flowers from his funeral.  I knew because it was so important to me, it would be to others too.  And I wanted to be able to give that remembrance to them.  Flowers from a funeral have very special meaning.  It is a very personal keepsake, and we work together to make a special and unique piece.  When I first began, and would be at bridal shows, I’d end up with someone in tears….stating they wished they had heard of floral preservation when they lost a loved one.   When I can take these very special flowers, and make a piece that I know means so much to you, I can’t express what it means to me.  I know with the flowers I have from my Dad’s funeral, just about every day, as I see them…it might be just touching them, or seeing them….and they bring me such a warm feeling…and the memories along with it.  Please allow me to do this for you.

Special Occasion Flowers

There are so many occasions that we receive flowers.  Be it the birth of a child, prom, graduation, birthday, anniversary….anything….you can have them preserved.  There are so many options….you just need to think of them.

Who is Forever In Time

Me, Tammy Harris.  I started the business, but for how much it has grown, both my daughters work with me now too.  It’s done in my home, basement and garage.  I don’t send the flowers out, so they are safe, everything is done here.  My daughter Celeste starts the preservation, and my daughter Tiffany does the communication and invoicing.  My husband even helps too.  Then my sister does all the boxing for shipping.   I design and make all the pieces.  I’m so proud of what I’ve done and now to have my daughters working with me, amazing.   It’s taken a lot of trial and error to perfect what I do.  I keep trying to come up with more ideas and options.  This is my full-time job….and I love it.  I’m not a huge business, and not the most high-tech….but it works for us…and hopefully….for you.

Hand-crafted Keepsakes

Everything I make is hand-crafted.  From the acrylic paperweights, or embedments, they are hand-crafted, so no two are the same.  The jewelry pieces are also hand-crafted.  Photo frames, candles and votives, rosaries and ornaments.  Each are unique, and your personal keepsake.  Celeste makes the candles.   Tiffany helps create keepsakes when needed.  We work together to plan the perfect keepsake for you.  Please keep checking back to the website, I’m always making something new.  New shapes, new styles.  I’m always up for the challenge of making something new.  If you have an idea, just ask, and I’ll do my best to try to make it work.
Forever in Time can preserve your bridal bouquet or funeral flowers and create a keepsake that you will treasure for years.
 Choose from Custom Floral Jewelry, Photo Frames, Rosary’s, Paperweights, Candles,  Christmas Ornaments, Domes, Displays & more!
All made from YOUR preserved flowers!!
We offer flower preservation, wedding bouquet preservation, floral preservation, funeral flowers preserved.   Jewelry made from real flowers, jewelry made from bridal bouquet, jewelry made from
funeral flowers, flowers made into jewelry.  Keepsake made from flowers, keepsake made from wedding flowers,
keepsake made from funeral flowers.  Photo frame made from flowers.  Paperweight made from flowers.  Flowers made
into a paperweight.  My flowers in a paperweight.  Flowers made into jewelry. 
 Flowers displayed in a dome.  Candles made from flowers, keepsake candles, flowers made into candles.
Custom created floral display. Keepsake flower jewelry, floral jewelry. Floral embedment, acrylic photo frames,
acrylic paperweight.  Wedding bouquet keepsake, funeral flower keepsake.

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  • Floral keepsakes, keepsakes from flowers, floral preservation, unique gifts, wedding, memorial Pinned: 8 Oct 2019
  • Floral keepsakes, keepsakes from flowers, floral preservation, unique gifts, wedding, memorial Pinned: 8 Oct 2019
  • Floral keepsakes, keepsakes from flowers, floral preservation, unique gifts, wedding, memorial Pinned: 8 Oct 2019
  • Floral keepsakes, keepsakes from flowers, floral preservation, unique gifts, wedding, memorial Pinned: 8 Oct 2019
  • Floral keepsakes, keepsakes from flowers, floral preservation, unique gifts, wedding, memorial Pinned: 8 Oct 2019
  • Floral keepsakes, keepsakes from flowers, floral preservation, unique gifts, wedding, memorial Pinned: 8 Oct 2019
  • Floral keepsakes, keepsakes from flowers, floral preservation, unique gifts, wedding, memorial Pinned: 8 Oct 2019